Two minors charged with kidnapping, robbery

Two minors, a black male, age 16, of Bryant and a white male, age 17, of Bigelow were arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery and theft of property by the Bryant Police Department. The first two charges are Class Y felonies, the latter is a Class C felony.

According to the report on the incident, the Bryant Police Department received a 911 call today around 11:55 a.m. An elderly woman said that two males, one white and one black, came into her home and tied her up at gunpoint and stole her vehicle.

Bryant officers arrived on scene and made contact with the 82-year-old victim June Dennis, who said that she had just gotten home when the two males approached her outside her home and asked if she needed any yard work done. She told them no.

A short time later, the white male came to her door and asked if he could use her phone to call his mother to come pick him up. Mrs. Dennis said she handed him her phone out the door, but he then insisted that he needed to use the restroom. She said he looked innocent enough so she let him in. Just moments after he was in the house, the second male approached the door and forced his way in pointing a gun at Mrs. Dennis.

They both told her they were there to rob her and, at that point, took her cane away from her and forced her into a chair in the living room. They both then proceeded to tape her legs, hands and put an object in her mouth and taped her mouth closed. After going through her things, they grabbed her car keys and fled the scene in her vehicle. Mrs. Dennis was able to get up and make her way to a phone and call 911 for help.

Shortly after the Police arrived, her vehicle was located behind the Indian Springs Baptist Church by an officer. Just seconds later, two of Bryant Police Investigators located the suspects just down the road and were able to take them into custody without incident.

Both suspects were brought to the Bryant PD for questioning. After speaking to the Juvenile officers, both subjects are being charged as adults.

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