Salt Bowl tickets, t-shirts available exclusively at Saline County Big Red Stores

Bryant Hornets head football coach Paul Calley and athletic director Mike Lee accept a donation of[more] $7,500 from David Hendrix, Jr., of Big Red Stores and Summerwood Partners, LLC. Big Red Stores are the exclusive ticket seller for the 2012 Salt Bowl, the annual clash between the Hornets and the rival Benton Panthers, which will be Friday, Sept. 21, at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. Customers can now purchase tickets for $10 and get a free t-shirt at all Saline County Big Red locations.  


  1. Rob

    Here’s the explanation I got:
    Central Arkansas Orthodontics was the original T-shirt sponsor for the Salt Bowl, they have since adopted the name Bryant Braces and affixed on the T-shirt.

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