Advertising Opportunities with Bryant Daily

Ad sizes (in pixels):

leader — 728×90
rectangle — 180×150
skyscraper — 160×600

Call or email now for special introductory rates! Rob Patrick at 501-350-7898 or Mike Patrick at 501-650-2257. Email or

 Rob Patrick


  1. Kathryn Wishard

    Rob –

    This really isn’t a comment but I would like to know how I can have something put on here about my Women Can Walk/Run Clinic that just started on Sunday – It is a 10-Week FREE clinic held at the Bryant High School Track – Let me know if this is something I could be put on here –


  2. Chris Peterson

    Currently my hours prevent me from contacting you by phone. Is there a way, for myself & others, that you could simply add a page posting the advertising rates (& location/size descriptions such as Header banner, right-side column, etc.) and the basic guidlines for acceptable advertisments?

    In the meantime, I would be very happy if you could email this info to me because I would like to support this site and get in early on the advertising opportunities.

    Chris Peterson

  3. D Sikes

    Fantastic, Rob!! Great job and project. I’m glad to see you continuing on with providing information for OUR town 😀

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