Animal Control officers rescue cat from razor wire

Constantine, aka “Connie,” a neutered male, black-and-white, domestic, shorthaired cat was saved from what would have been certain doom on Saturday, July 17, by Bryant Animal Control Officers Becca Fitch and Rebecca Bennett.

Connie had become entangled in razor wire at the top of a fence surrounding the Alexander Youth Services Center on Woody Drive in Bryant. In his struggle, the cat’s tail became impaled on the sharp wire, making it impossible for the cat to free himself. Then the cat’s two front feet also became caught in the wire, which left him hanging over 10 feet in the air.[more]

Bryant Animal Control officers, with the assistance of the Bryant Fire Department removed the severely injured animal from the fence and took him to a local veterinary clinic for emergency surgery to remove one piece of the wire that had become lodged in the cat’s tail.

“Connie is resting at the shelter and recovering nicely,” said Tricia Power, Director of the Bryant Animal Shelter. “He is on pain medication and is doing very well considering that he suffered multiple lacerations and puncture wounds.

“We speculate that Connie tried to climb the fence that surrounds the Center and his tail was caught by the wire,” she added. “In his struggle to free himself, he became more entangled in the razor sharp blades of the security fencing making it impossible for him to escape.”

“Luckily, a resident saw him hanging from the top of the fence and called for help,” Power continued. “Even after all of this, Connie just wants to be petted and will gently rub his hand on your hand. He’s a brave little guy.”

Bryant Animal Shelter is asking for help in paying for the surgery that cost the shelter nearly $300 as well as his after care.

“Connie is not out of the woods just yet,” said Power. “He needs time to recover from his wounds and will need to go back to the veterinarian in several days to have his wounds checked and stitches removed. Then, we hope to place him in a foster home until he is fully recovered, at which time, he will be available for adoption.”

Power asserted, “We want to thank everyone who helped Connie during his terrible ordeal. The original caller, the Bryant Fire Department, Dr. (John) Duckett and the staff of Reynolds Road Animal Clinic. Everyone working together helped save this sweet boy.  

"His injuries are a reminder why it is so important to keep pets confined for their safety,” she added. “Bryant has a confinement law for cats as well as mandatory licensing. Connie suffers now because he was not kept safely confined and we have no idea who he belongs to because he was wearing no license tag or identification, such as a microchip. Please, please keep cats confined for their well-being.”

Anyone interested in donating for Connie’s continued care, mail a check or money order to Bryant Animal Shelter, 25700 Interstate 30 N, Bryant, AR 72022.

Those interested in fostering or adopting Connie, contact Power at 501-653-0765 or email at

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