Annual Author’s Tea at Hurricane Creek Elementary is Thursday

By Jamie Miller

Hurricane Creek Elementary is preparing for their annual formal “Author’s Tea” that is[more] taking place Thursday, April 21, at 9 a.m., in the HCE library. Joy Simmons, an HCE Elementary teacher, has put on the event for the past 20 years.

“(The students) get all dressed up and we practice manners and how to speak,” she said. “Each child has a job before the tea starts and every part of the tea is done by the children, from introduction to closing.”

Throughout the school year, first grade students at Hurricane Creek have been participating in writing paragraphs, research papers, poems, how-to pieces and even entertainment stories. At the “Author’s Tea” each student will share one of their pieces of work. Around 60 parents are expected to attend the all student-led Tea.

According to Simmons, the purpose of the Tea is to begin teaching first graders how to speak in public, do introductions and use their manners correctly. The students are able to dress formally and present their work at an important event.

“The Author’s Tea helps the students to be confident children and it builds self esteem as well as manners and the ability to handle themselves when speaking to others,” she said.

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