BES art students honored in Arkansas Symphony Orchestra contest

LITTLE ROCK — Three Bryant Elementary School fifth grade art students received awards as part of a contest sponsored by the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.

Nathan Mayes, a student of Phyllis Flowers, won first-place overall. Stuti Chatterjee, a student of Nikki Goines, won second place overall and Spencer Smith, also a student of Mrs. Flowers, earned a second place honor in the fifth grade division.[more]

Jan Patrick is the art teacher and Cynthia Hewell the music teacher for all three students.

The contest was open to all students in the central Arkansas area in conjunction with a children’s concert by the ASO “Landscapes In Music” held Friday, Nov. 13 at Robinson Auditorium. The winning artworks were on display at the Robinson Center for the Children’s concert and the winning artists were presented their awards on stage at the event.

“Each school who participated could send in five visual artworks to the ASO,” mentioned Patrick. “We only sent three artworks since we were working on our art curriculum and only had time to create three landscape projects.”

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