BHS student attends National Youth Leadership Conference

By Jamie Miller

A Bryant High School student recently had the privilege of experiencing the[more] National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. Amy Bucks was nominated from Bryant High School by assistant principal Rachel Rasburry to attend the conference.

“It truly was an amazing experience,” Bucks said.

Students from all over the country and U.S. Territories were present with over 350 students in attendance. The participants were able to take on the role of leaders from each of the three branches of the United States Government. In the conference, Bucks accomplished becoming the President of the United States in her group.

“I also managed to climb to the top five out of all 350 students by trying out and being interviewed for being Speaker of the House in a mock session of what occurs at the House of Representatives,” Bucks said.

Since Bucks made it all the way to the top five, she was allowed to give a speech to the entire student body on the last day at the Commencement Address.

“I gained a lot of knowledge about myself as well as our government because of this conference,” Bucks said.

Due to the encouragement she gained at the conference, she plans on being a leader among friends, peers, and the entire school.

“It has truly inspired me to step up and try and find ways to become a stronger leader in Bryant High School,” she said.

Bucks learned to “argue the idea, not the person” in simulations that she participated in throughout the week. She also learned to bargain and compromise when she mock-lobbied for the House of Representatives.

“It caused me to think about things that I may not have had to before, and it definitely made me realize that you can disagree with a person but still be friends with them.”

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