Boys & Girls Club flag football season concludes this Saturday at Bryant Stadium

By Kirk Stewart

We can learn so much from “The Lion King”. Mufasa patiently described to Simba the undeniable concept of the “Circle of Life”.

There’s a similar football circle. We start very young by watching football on television, hoping that someday we can suit up and play. Then, early elementary school offers a flag football league. That leads to full-contact football in middle school which gives way to the bright lights of Friday night in high school.

Most of us peak there and the circle swings back around as we find ourselves once again in the flag pulling field playing for the powerhouse team of Kappa Mu Zeta. Then, after college, we’re watching football on television again reliving the glory days.[more]

No matter where we are in the circle, football holds a special place in many hearts. The Boys and Girls Club of Bryant offers such a beginning. The 2009 flag football season is wrapping up this Saturday as 10 teams from first to sixth grades have competed for a shot at the different division’s 7-on-7 titles. The title games will be held at Bryant Hornet Stadium and will begin at 9 a.m.

Results and coverage of the games will be posted on

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