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I won’t be able to attend but here’s my two-cents regarding the Bryant School District 6-year Facilities Master Plan:

I know lots of things are needed like a new cafeteria at the high school and more classrooms.

I’d like to point out all the schools that have built (basketball, volleyball, convocation, etc) high school arenas since Bryant:

Um, well, all of them have.

Bryant’s gym was built in 1968 when the number of students in the entire school district was probably less than the number of students in the 2015-16 Senior class.

Why not build a new arena and incorporate classrooms and cafeteria facilities?

(Oh and, while I’m at it, how about a new press box at the football stadium and grandstands at the baseball and softball fields?)


ADD: A few facts about the Bryant School District in 1968. Total attendance for the entire District was 1,701 students. That’s about the size of the junior and senior classes at the high school combined.

There were 62 teachers being paid an average of $5,500 a year in ’68. There were 15 school buses.





    Absolutely Rob! Not only is it dangerous in the hot Arkansas summers because there is no air conditioning in the gyms and students/players are getting the floors wet with their sweat, but it presents as if Bryant is not interested in making basketball and other sports as competitive as other districts. This is something, that as a parent, I would take into consideration when sending my child athlete to a school. They say they want the championships but they have to do their part. There has to be some major steps taken from the administration in order to provide these kids the opportunities they deserve. They deserve a good education AND need to feel backed by the school in other areas as well. ALL other districts are surpassing Bryant in this area. I could go on and on……..

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