February 26 in Bryant athletic history: 2011

Bryant boys win opener against defending 5A champs

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Bryant's Jesse Wolf (11) tries to maneuver around a Little Rock Christian player. (Photo by Rick Nation)By Aaron Shuttleworth

Photos by Rick Nation

Like the Lady Hornets, the Bryant Hornets were facing a[more] very tough team in their pre-season game on Saturday. The Little Rock Christian Warriors are defending Class 5A State champions.

But that was for the 2010 season.

This 2011.

The Hornets were able to open there season with a win at home against that stout team 2-1.

The first goal came form Bryce Denker at 26:32 off of a penalty kick in the first half. He kicked it low and to the right. It seemed like it was stopped but, like in a movie, everything slowed down. The ball bounced off the Warrior keeper’s hand and just slowly rolled into the goal, as all he could do, along with everyone else, was just watch it.

It was really a back-and-forth battle. The defense was strong on both sides. So was the pressure from the offense.

Keeper Jace Denker had five saves and had one ball get past at 28:58 after a charge from him that came just a little short of getting to the ball.

Helping keep the ball cleared and out of the net were Holden Chavis, Ryan Watson and Forrest Fowler.

The speed of Caleb Garnett was really shown off when he was able to get past the midfielder and defenders on a couple occasions.

Bryce Denker (12) (Photo by Rick Nation)

Other Hornets on the offensive strike were Jesse Wolf who had a nice header that went just inches above the top rail of the bar, Bryce Denker, and Justin Travis.

Chase Stuart had a kick that went high and to the left. If you go down to the field and look at the corner of the goal post, you will see the indention that is now there after the ball hit it with that much velocity.

The second goal came from Alex Rowlan. It was a beautiful header that went just wide enough the keeper could not contain it.

A lot of the guys on the team play a full 80 minuets. So conditioning was a big factor. Coach Jason Hay was pleased with it, knowing there were a few starting players out.

Ten shots were taken and the Hornets received two yellow cards.

The Hornets now travel to Bentonville for the NWA Invitational tournament starting March 4.Alex Rowlan (10) heads the ball clear. (Photo by Rick Nation)

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