Bryant Middle School band members earn all-Region honors

On Saturday, Dec. 4, over 700 area students tried out for the honor of being in the Arkansas Region V all-region band. The students who achieved this honor will participate in a clinic/concert in January at Benton High School.

Bryant Middle School band students who earned[more] All-Region honors include:

ALTO SAXOPHONE: Nick Schmidt, 2nd band, 3rd chair;

BASSOON: Jim Delorto, 2nd band, 2nd chair; Connor Wilson, 2nd band, 2nd chair

CLARINET: Cori Blackwell, 1st band, 17th chair; Mary Grace Hill, 1st band, 13th chair; Kaitlin Johnson, 1st band, 19th chair; April Walters, 1st band, 18th chair;

FLUTE: Casey Hartwick, 2nd band, 2nd chair; Breanna Wolf, 2nd alternate

FRENCH HORN: Brady Gilleran, 2nd band, 1st chair; Gael Kim, 1st band, 1st chair; Matt Gonzales, 1st alternate; Jonathan Rollins, 1st band, 3rd chair; Keegan Turney, 2nd band, 4th chair;

PERCUSSION: Ben Atwell, 2nd band, 5th chair; Katie Dandurand, 2nd band, 3rd chair; Braylon Lee, 2nd band, 6th chair; Taylor Lindberg, 1st band, 4th chair; Luke Tyhurst, 2nd band, 2nd chair; Abby Wadley, 4th alternate

SAXOPHONE: Frankie Bray, 2nd band, 6th chair; David Perez, 2nd band, 1st chair

TROMBONE: Dillon Daniels, 3rd alternate; Tanner Hopps, 2nd band, 7th chair; Sarah Shepard, 1st band, 6th chair;

TRUMPET: Cody Blamberg, 1st band, 11th chair; Micah Hill, 1st band, 2nd chair; Brianna Rutherford, 2nd band, 2nd chair

TUBA: Andrew Ball, 3rd alternate; Lucas Reitenger, 2nd band, 8th chair; Kaleb Wheeler, 1st alternate

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