Bryant Police Department gets fan donation from Lowe’s

By Martin Couch

So far this hot summer, the Bryant Police Department has given away 65 free fans in their mission to help keep people safe during the intense 100-degree heat that has had citizens suffering for 27 days.[more]

Although there has been a recent break in the heat and there aren't any more 100-plus days forecasted by the National Weather Service this year, Bryant Police Chief Tony Coffman received 90 donated fans from Lowes in Bryant on Friday morning.

"If anybody still needs a fan, it's the same proceedure — come to the station and pick up a fan, no questions asked, the only thing that we require is, please be in need of one," Coffman said. "The program has really been a success this year. It's been beneficial to people, especially in the 100-plus degree heat. We've accomplished our mission and we look forward to picking it up again next year."

The Bryant Police Department will continue to give out fans until they are all gone and will be accepting donations of fans for those in need of them.

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