Bryant Police making fans available to those in need

By Martin Couch

The Bryant Police Department is doing something about the excessive heat.

Chief Tony Coffman has ordered his staff to hand out free fans to residents, beginning today, due to the high temperatures.[more]

"I have a fear that some residents may try to go through the summer without air-conditioning, or worse yet, without any fans to cool them off," Coffman said in a press release about the fans.

Currently, there are 25 fans donated to be given away that have come from Bryant officers and staff of the police department and Bryant Wal-Mart. The donations of fans will be taken throughout the summer, which has been forecasted to be one of Arkansas' hottest this century.

The fan will have Bryant Police Department written on it with permanent marker to keep them from being returned for money. The fans are available at the Bryant Police Department at 312 Roya Lane.

"If you come to the Police Department for a fan, be in need of one," Coffman stipulated. "If you don't need a fan, please don't come and get one. While we have a supply of fans we want them to go out to the people desperately in need of one. Should a person in need not be able to find a way to the Police Department to request a fan, our officers will take one to them if they live within the city limits, but the fans are available for everyone who needs one regardless of where they live."

For more information on donating a fan to the Bryant Police Department, call 847-0211.

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