I've got good news and not-so-good news.

The not-so-good, for us, is that Lana Clifton, who has so ably supplied the site with news coverage the last few months, is moving with her family to Texas soon. Preparing for that move has occupied the bulk of her time in the last few weeks. That's why the news coverage has been lacking lately.

I want to publicly thank Lana for all she's done. You've been great and we wish you the best in this new chapter in your life.[more]

The good news is that Diane Winiecki, who has lived in Bryant since 1983 with her husband Joe, has agreed to start reporting for Diane and Joe have raised a family in Bryant and many of you know them. It's exciting to have her on board.

So, if any of you have news tips or ideas for features, please contact Diane at 326-3326 or email her at

As always, thanks for logging on, please patronize our sponsors and spread the word about We're working to continue making it better and better.


Rob Patrick


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