Chandler to contend for Ward 2, Position 1 opening

By Maritn Couch

Mike Chandler has lived in Bryant for 30 years and served on the Saline County Quorum Court from 1985 to 1989. He now feels it is his duty to represent the city as an alderman for Ward 2, Position 1, which will be vacated by current alderman Ed Collins.

"I feel like it is a crucial time for the city as it continues to experience growth," Chandler said. "It's important to develop new streets and open green areas like parks that are pleasing to the people. We need to take care of what we have and ensure that growth happens."[more]

Chandler prides himself on being a team player in any form of business or government office.

"You get more done with cooperation," he said. "There are a lot of people not happy with our slash and build mentality and I'm concerned about that. We need some form of environmental protection. We could look at more green spaces and city parks and coordinate that with development. It would give everyone something to be proud of where they live."

Chandler is also concerned with the street situation in Bryant.

"I would need to be more involved, but it's a growing concern," he said. "Bryant has done an excellent job with its police and fire departments and the water and sewer are well maintained, but one area we need to improve on is our street conditions and that's not an easy task. There are going to have to be tough decisions made in that area."

Chandler believes he is suitable for the alderman position because he isn't afraid to listen and discuss problematic issues and come up with resolutions that are pleasing to the people in his Ward.

"The fact is that I am always available and more willing to discuss issues," he said. "My main concern is the quality of life for the citizens of Bryant. I want people to be glad they live here."

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