City Council approves Park’s Commemorative Tree, Engraved Tile program

By Martin Couch

On Thursday, the Bryant City Council approved a commemorative tree and engraved tile program that was proposed by the Bryant Parks and Recreation Department for area citizens.

"It will be great for the people who come to our parks," Parks and Recreation director Jeremy Lemons said. "We hope to use that money to build pavilions."[more]

The commemorative tree program will give those interested in selecting one of six trees raised on the Bryant Parks' tree farm for planting in one of the Bryant parks, including newly developed Bishop Park.

"We will decide on where the tree will be planted, but they will also get a plaque to be put in the community center with their name on it and GPS coordinates of where their tree is," Lemons said of those that purchase a tree.

The cost of tree is $250 and the fee covers the plaque.

The engraved tile will also be made available and placed in the new Aquatic Center at Bishop Park.

"It's to help pay for the equipment purchases like lane ropes and bleachers," Lemons said.

The tiles will be on a Wall of Fame at the center and can be engraved with a personal message.

"Everyone is invited to buy a tile either for you or for someone else, to commemorate special occasions, or to honor or remember a special loved one or for your business," Lemons added.

A standard 4×8 tile is $100 without clip art. It is $125 for a standard size with clip art, then $200 for a double size imprinted tile without clip art or $250 for the same size with clip art. Designs of the clip art to go along with the message on the tiles are available at the Parks and Recreation Department.

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