City schedules Spring Clean Up

To assist Bryant residents in cleaning up after the recent weather, the City of Bryant is announcing it’s annual “Spring Clean Up” to begin in March.

The schedule is set by Ward and will be as follows:

WARD I – Monday March 7th through 11th

WARD II – Monday March 14th through 18th

WARD III – Monday March 21st through 25th

WARD IV – Monday March 28th through April 1st

Each ward will take approximately one week to complete. Once a ward or street is complete, they will not return. (There are no pick-ups on Saturday or Sunday.)

Residents are asked to place stacks of limbs and brush at curbside or next to the street by 7 a.m. on the Monday for your Ward. Crews will not be able to pick up trash, lumber, leaves, treated wood or root wads, as they have no way to dispose of these items. For these items, contact the Landfill at 501-569-3751 to see what the procedure is.

If inclement weather occurs during this time, the “Spring Clean Up” might be delayed temporarily to help clear the areas affected. Residents are urged to sign up for “Notify Me” via the city website to ensure reception of all notifications.

For more information or questions, contact the City of Bryant Street Department at 501-943-0468.


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