Cockerham bids for City Clerk re-election

By Martin Couch

Brenda Cockerham started serving as Bryant City Clerk on a part-time basis before getting appointed to the position.

She was officially elected to be the City Clerk and has served two four-year terms. Now, Cockerham is making a bid for her third consecutive term in office on the November ballot.[more]

"I am very excited to announce I am seeking a third term as Bryant’s City Clerk," she announced. "These past nine years have given me the experience and knowledge to continually streamline the City Clerk’s office using today’s technology. I have entered this campaign to earn the privilege of continuing to work for the citizens of Bryant, where I have lived, worked, and volunteered for many years."

She is married to Tom Cockerham and has four children, Jason, Chris, Travis and Sarah, and three grandchildren Ella, Ty and Wiles.

"It has been an honor to be a part of Bryant growing from a small city to one which has received two notable distinctions during my term in office: Being named one of the Top 10 Cities in the country by Money Magazine in 2009 and Best Affordable Suburbs in America by Business Week in 2010," Cockerham said. "Because the city has a CPA (inactive) serving as its full-time Finance Director, as well as a fully-staffed Finance Department, I do not oversee the day-to-day finances of the city, nor am I permitted to vote on any measures which come before the City Council.

"However, I serve an important function in providing administrative support for the city: preparing meeting agendas and Council packets, notifying the media of public meetings, tabulating and recording votes, preparing and publishing the minutes of all Council meetings, posting meeting information on the city’s website, and maintaining the city’s records. I also receive and maintain the Code of Ethics and Financial Disclosure Statements from the appointed Municipal Commissioners as well as elected officials and work in cooperation with the Saline County Election Commission to prepare for city elections. I serve as Secretary on the Volunteer Firemen Board and am responsible for preparing its agenda, recording votes, and drafting the minutes which the Board must approve."

Cockerham is a Sunday school teacher at First Southern Baptist Church in Bryant, where she's been a member for 14 years. Her city government qualifications speak for themselves.

"As City Clerk, I have attended training provided by the Arkansas Municipal League training twice each year," she said. "I have served on the Chamber of Commerce’s 20/20 Committee and attended two years of Community Development Institute and Leadership Arkansas training while serving as the Executive Director of the Bryant Chamber of Commerce. I have also served as Secretary to Bryant’s first Soccer Club Board.

“My years of commitment and service to Bryant only intensifies my desire to help further our city’s growth and progress."

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