Dabbs issues statement about lawsuit


"Today, I filed a lawsuit with the Circuit Court of Saline County, asking that the Saline County Election Commission be ordered to place my name on the upcoming ballot for Mayor of Bryant as “Republican Jill Dabbs.”[more]

"Under Arkansas law, candidates are allowed to use up to three names, one of which can be “any other word used for the purpose of identifying the person to the voters….” The Saline County Election Commission, I believe, wrongly denied this request and after meeting on the issue, decided to show my name simply as “Jill Dabbs.”

"They reasoned that the election was non-partisan; however, the people have a right to know where candidates stand philosophically and politically. I personally believe in mainstream Republican ideals, principles and standards, and feel strongly that this identifies me as a person of conservative values. By describing myself as “Republican Jill Dabbs,” I’m telling voters that even at the local level, I believe that government should do only what it must, do it as fairly and as economically as possible, and stay out of the lives and personal business of the governed.

"I believe that the office of Mayor of Bryant must be responsive to the will of the voters, in that my authority to govern as Mayor comes from the citizens of Bryant and not from any other entity, public or private. My opponent, a former State Representative, has long been identified as a Democrat, and along with his title as the current incumbent, carries that with him to any election he faces.

"As such, I want voters to know who Jill Dabbs is and what she stands for. One word in my ballot description should not be tainted by partisan concerns for what it tells voters about me. With all due respect to the Commission, they are wrong on this issue and I want a chance to make my case in Circuit Court. I want to restore the confidence that has been lost in the Mayor’s office, and develop a new and positive relationship between Bryant residents and their city government.

"When I am elected Mayor, their interests will be heard and responded to in a timely way, and their tax dollars will be spent and accounted for in a fresh new era of fiscal responsibility and accountability. We are widely regarded as one of Arkansas’ fastest growing cities, if not the fastest growing of all. I already feel the weight of that on my shoulders as I seek this job, and ask for the prayers and support of all Bryant citizens as I look forward to a brighter future for our precious city.

"The least I can ask for is the cooperation of the Commission in complying with Arkansas law and allowing me to identify myself to the voters who I hope will elect me."

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