Development of Citizens Emergency Response Team in the works

By Martin Couch

Since tornadoes and natural disasters continue to hamper Saline County, Bryant Fire Chief Randy Cox has come up with a plan to involve the public in helping fire fighters control these chaotic situations.[more]

“One thing we’ve been working very had for in the last three years is a Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT),” Cox said. “We’ve been working with local church organizations to get them to join basic first aid certification courses and to be able to set up shelters when there is a natural disaster. It can free up my troops to be on the ground rescuing people and we can have the public personnel to set up shelters and doing basic first aid things for them until we can get the National Guard there.”

The project is set to go on-line in the fall, Cox hopes.

“The first three hours of a natural disaster are pretty chaotic,” he said. “Our public has always been able to help their neighbors and we’re going to get this started.”

Also, the Bryant Fire Department is planning to have a CPR training session for the public during October’s Fire Prevention Week.

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