District Teacher of the Year: Alicia Atwood

By Jamie Miller

“Bryant School District is an amazing place to teach. Everywhere you turn there are[more] wonderful teachers who care so much for their students,” said Alicia Atwood.

Atwood was elected Bryant Elementary Teacher of the Year and was then chosen by the School Board as District Teacher of the Year.

“I feel so honored to be named the Teacher of the Year,” she said.

Atwood has taught at Bryant for three years now but previously taught in the Little Rock School District for 12 1/2 years. Both of her children attend Bryant schools. She has a son is in the sixth grade and a daughter in the second grade. “Both of my children have wonderful experiences at Bryant. They have amazing teachers and we feel blessed to be here all together.”

Atwood recognized her administrators and fellow teachers as one of the main reasons that she enjoys teaching at Bryant so much. “I feel like I have support from not only fellow teachers, but from parents and my administrators.”

When asked what one of her most memorable moments was while teaching at Bryant, she had a hard time choosing only one to share. After some thought, she chose one that happened just recently in her kindergarten classroom when the Bryant Lady Hornets softball team paid a visit to Bryant Elementary.

“Coach (Debbie) Clark and the Lady Hornets showed them how to hit, throw and catch the ball,” Atwood said. “Then, they let each kid hit the ball and then a Lady Hornet ran the bases with each kid after they hit it. I can’t tell you how neat it was for these high school kids and coaches to take time out of their busy schedules to make my kids feel special.”

Atwood says she is looking forward to her future at Bryant and the future of the District itself with adopting the Common Core Standards that are being implemented in the classrooms starting next year.

“Our District has really studied these standards and written great lessons and activities that are literature based,” she said. “I think that you cannot read enough to kids and it is the favorite part of my day. I love for kids to fall in love with reading!”

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