Duct Tape Boat Race returns as part of 25th Fall Fest

Bryant Fall Fest will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year on Oct. 6. Over the years there have been[more] many different events added to the festivities. New for last year was the Ken Palmquist Duct Tape Boat Race and it was a crowd pleaser. The race is named in honor of Ken Palmquist a long time employee of Bryant Parks and Tourism.

This year will mark the second annual race and it arrives with some added improvements that include no size restrictions for the boats, Youth Division (10 to 17 years of age), bleachers for spectators and trophies that are truly representative of the event (made from duct tape and pvc pipe).

Race creator Jason Brown of Arkansas Best Insurance and Dianne Jester with Bank of the Ozarks are the Race Coordinators and look forward to seeing the creativity of this year’s entries. Since last year’s race there has been a lot of buzz about boat building strategies. Contestants from last year are looking to improve their boats and newcomers are excited to show their creations.

The duct tape/pvc pipe race is the only one in existence and has attracted interest from around the state. “It has really taken on a life of its own. We now have a Facebook page (Paddle Power Fundracing) where everyone can see pictures from last year’s race and get information about boat registration” says Brown.

Another addition this year is the Duct Tape Race T-shirt. “We thought this would be a great way to advertise the race and wanted to show support for the Bryant Boys and Girls Club. Landers of Saline County donated $500 to get the shirts printed. Michaele Rogers with Stress Free Graphics handled the design/printing. “All proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to the Bryant Boys and Girls Club,” says Jester, who can be reached at 501-860-8384 to order shirts.

Again this year, Lowe’s of Bryant is offering a duct tape boat starter kit for $50. Contestants should complete the entry form and return it to the Bryant Chamber where they will receive their form to get the discounted items at Lowe’s.

Forms are available online at www.bryantchamber.com or are available for pick-up at Bank of the Ozarks on Alcoa, Landers of Saline County, or the Bryant Chamber of Commerce. The entry fee is $10 for each boat.

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