Duct tape boat races to be included in Fall Fest fun for first time this year

Seven entries are in for the first Landers Auto Sales of Saline County Duct Tape Boat Race to be held at[more] Bryant Fall Fest on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 10:30 a.m. Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs, the Bryant Police Department and the Bryant Fire Department are all participating.

They will race in boats made completely of duct tape and PVC pipe.

Others participating include Arkansas Best Insurance, Landers Auto Sales of Saline County, Saline Memorial Hospital and the Bryant Parks Department. Others may still enter and are encouraged to do so.

Duct Tape Boat Kits (10 pieces of PVC and 10 rolls of duct tape) are available at Lowes for $35. Call ahead to reserve yours (allow a week for delivery).

Boats Must be made only of PVC (no larger than 2 inch) and duct tape.

• Duct tape cannot be sealed with any paint or sealants

• Boat must be entirely wrapped in duct tape.

• Duct tape may be of varying colors for creativity, but it must have come manufactured in that color.

• If any illegal items used in construction are discovered during the pre-race inspection, the boats will be disqualified from the event.

Boats shall be designed to race with no more than a two-person crew.

• Each person will be equipped with a paddle and life jacket (you bring), and paddles must also be made of PVC and duct tape.

• The race must begin and end with the same number of crew intact, for the boat to qualify for the Fastest Boat category

• Drivers of boat must weigh a minimum of 120 pounds or be at least 16 years old

Boats must comply with length and width restriction.

• Boats shall not exceed 8 feet in length.

• Boats shall not exceed 4 feet in width.

• Boats exceeding the length and width restriction may be subjected to time penalties and/or elimination.

Boats will be raced for time in heats

• Each heat will consist of two boats (number may vary based on total number of entries)

• Each boat will travel 25 yards circle the buoy and race back to the starting point.

• Times from heats will determine the division places as well as the overall awards

• The fastest times from heats will race for fastest boat overall.

Boats will be judged on their creativity as part of the pre-race activities.

• Boats must be present at designated judging area by 9:30 a.m., on race day

• Areas used in judging the Most Creative category will include: Ship design, Creative use of PVC and duct tape, Overall theme, Costumes, Enthusiasm and Showmanship

Prizes will be awarded according to the following criteria:

• fastest teams

• most creative boats

The entry fee for the boat race is $10. Entry forms are downloadable from www.bryant-ar.com , click Events and Fall Fest.

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