Easter Seals initiates recycling service in Bryant area

By Jamie Miller

Easter Seals of Arkansas has started a new recycling program that is now extending into[more] the Benton and Bryant areas. RENEW Recycling takes paper of all types including newsprint, sticky notes, coated paper, magazines, junk mail, brochures, blueprints, and even manila folders.

The paper is collected from containers that are placed at businesses by RENEW Recycling and it is transported to their facility shredded and baled.

“Not only are we helping the environment, but we are also creating paid jobs and training for our adults with disabilities,” Doug Harris, Recycling Coordinator said.

Pricing is $20 for the first container per scheduled collection, $15 for two to five containers per scheduled collection and $12.50 for six or more containers per scheduled collection. Additional customer requested collection is billed at $20 per container/per collection. There is also an initial set-up fee of $10 that is billed on the first monthly invoice.

“One ton of paper of cardboard that is recycled saves 17 trees and enough energy to run the average household for 16 months. We believe it is a win-win for everyone involved,” Harris said.

For more information regarding the RENEW program, please call 501-221-8436 or email RENEW@eastersealsar.com.

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