Engineering team from Bryant earns first-place honors at Challenge

The combined Bethel/Bryant Middle School Engineering and Technology team was the[more] overall winner in the Razorback Technology Challenge, hosted by the University of Arkansas. There were over 450 students from 40 schools participating in the Dec. 7 challenge. Students attended from Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Sponsors Ron Hubbard (BMS) and Wesley Waddell (BEMS) chose students for the team based on grades, talent in specific areas such as hands-on skills, the ability to communicate thoughts in a clear and concise manner and problem solving.

Bethel Students

Dillon Meaders, Joe Sartini, Hannah Earls, Delaina Brown, Aspen Mann, Kobe Ray,
Isaac Helgestad, Jessica Houston, Robert Buck

Bryant Middle Students

Hailey Sherman, Elizabeth Reynolds, Conner Fitzpatrick, Logan Valestin, Hayden Knowles, Josh McCallister, Nimra Akins, Christian Herron, Austin Permenter, Connor Crouch

In advance of the competition, the Engineering Team prepared models of a Mag-Lev levitating train and a Co2 powered dragster and practiced quiz bowl questions.

The students were awarded trophies in five of the six areas including:

• 1st and 2nd place in problem solving

• 2nd and 3rd place in Co2 powered dragsters

• 3rd place in structural engineering

• 3rd place in graphic arts

• 3rd place in technology quiz bowl

The RTC was developed to generate student excitement about technology and engineering as well as friendly competition among schools.

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