EOC, ACTAAP time for students in Bryant District

By Jamie Miller

It’s that time of year again, Testing time! Bryant High School students are[more] currently, or soon will be, in the process of taking their End of Course exams. They are required to take the EOC in English, Biology, Algebra and Geometry.

In the elementary schools, grades third through eighth are required to take the ACTAAP (The Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment and Accountability Program) Benchmark Exams that test in the areas of math, literacy and science.

The tests are mandated by the state and, according to Arkansased.org, “ACTAAP is a comprehensive system that focuses on high academic standards, professional development, student assessment, and accountability for schools.”

By taking the assessments towards the end of the school year, parents, students, and others get a picture of how the children are learning and progressing across the district. The exams are used as an accountability tool.

“We are able to evaluate not only how students are grasping the concepts outlined in the Arkansas education frameworks, but also which area of the frameworks we’re teaching well, and where we may be falling short,” said Jessica Bollen, director of Communications for the school district. “We evaluate all the ACTAAP results as a whole, looking for patterns across classes, grade levels and schools, so we can learn where we need to strengthen our services.”

Bryant students have traditionally performed above average as a whole for both sets of assessments. In 2010, for the EOC and the ACTAAP, the majority of students scored proficient or advanced in most of the categories tested on.

With testing currently taking place, the Bryant district is expecting nothing different for the 2010-2011 school year.

To check out the test results from the years past, visit here.

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