False alarm isn’t so funny for two Bryant students anymore

Bryant Police Officer Tim Green reports two calls came into Saline County Central Dispatch on the 911 lines initially from unknown persons stating there was a shooting and a bomb at an unknown location.

Bryant Communications Operators Jessica Stocks and Supervisor Martha Courtney were able to determine the calls came in from a disconnected cell phone and that the cellular tower was in a specific area of the Bryant High School.[more]

Officer Green reports the School officials followed their policy and procedures and the interior and exterior area was searched. Upon completing the search, the school administration and officers present were unable to locate any signs of an immediate threat, at which time school resumed.

Principal Randy Rutherford later called for officers and reported he had located the two students responsible for the calls. The students were issued citations for appearance before a juvenile Judge. The students were released to their parents.

Captain Newcomb stated “Communicating a false alarm is a very serious matter. When someone gets hurt because of a false alarm, the person that calls in the false alarm is responsible for the injuries caused. It is not funny at all!”

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