Farmer warns of unauthorized solicitors for turf fund

Bryant Athletic Director Tom Farmer reports that there have been reports of people in the community soliciting for donations toward the artificial surface at Bryant Stadium who are not authorized to do so.

Farmer emphasized that the official fundraising organization is the Bryant Athletic Foundation.[more]

“Members of the BAF will have a pledge sheet with them defining exactly what the project is and what the goal is,” he stated. “They will also mentioned, a site for taking donations on line and they’ll be selling bricks for $100 as a legacy on the sidewalk going to the stands form the box office.”

Farmer added that if anyone has a question, they can contact him at 847-5601.

“The only other thing we have going right now is with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,” he added. “They will be selling subscriptions with part of the proceeds sent to the school to be designated for the turf.”

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