FEMA grant to provide funds for Bryant’s fourth fire station


The Bryant Fire Department received welcome news recently. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced recipients of a firefighter safety grant, and Bryant was one of the fire departments awarded. The department will receive a $1.6 million grant for the purpose of building a new fire station.

“The great thing about this grant is, it came at a great time,” said Fire Chief Randy Cox. He said the grant would allow the department to build a much-needed fourth fire station.

“And it won’t cost citizens anything,” added Cox.[more]

According to Cox, for the last four years, FEMA has offered firefighter safety grants. The department received one last year that helped to pay for a new fire engine.

This year, there was only a 55-day window in which the department could apply for the grant. Chief Cox said the department “jumped through hoops” during that time to put together all the grant application required.

Cox said he believed the main reason the Bryant Fire Department received the grant over others that applied was the rapid growth in population experienced in Bryant over recent years.

Currently, the fire department has three stations. The proposed new station would be located in the north part of town in the vicinity of Springhill Road and Hilldale Road. Cox said this location would allow a quicker response time to Springhill Elementary and Bethel Middle School.

There are no firm building plans yet. According to Cox, a rough draft has been started, and the process to make the plans will begin next month. The grant stipulates a 24-month project completion timeframe for the new station. Cox said he plans to adhere to this condition with a planned grand opening for Fire Safety Month (October) of 2011.

The new station will join the Bethel Middle School and Hurricane Elementary School buildings as a part of a growing list of LEED (green) certified buildings in Bryant.

Cox said the department is not planning to add personnel to staff the new station. Instead, they will spread out existing staff among the four stations. He added that Bryant firefighters were excited about the grant and the new station.

“We are all excited about being able to grow during a time of recession so we can provide a better service to our citizens,” explained Cox.

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