Gladden, Chandler endorse Crow in Ward 3

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By Martin Couch

As election day nears, Ward 3 candidate Lee Crow has received two letters of endorsement from[more] Bryant aldermen. Steve Gladden and Mike Chandler have made public their support for Crow.

"I feel very strongly that citizens of Ward 3 deserve more than they are getting,"

Chandler said in his letter. "Lee is a hardworking individual and I feel he would be an asset to the City Council and the City of Bryant."
Chandler continued, "They deserve someone who will attend City Council meetings and committee meetings on a regular basis."

He added, "Let the record speak for itself."

Chandler thinks Crow will be "open-minded" with issues that concern the future of Bryant.

"I feel Lee Crow will look at the issues in the big picture for Bryant," Chandler said.

Gladden also pledged his support for Crow.

"Lee will be a positive voice for the citizens of Ward 3," Gladden said in his endorsement letter. "He is committed to working with the other seven City Council members to make Bryant a better place."

Gladden mentioned Crow's community activities in volunteer organizations and his advocacy for special needs children and adults.

"Lee Crow will serve his Ward and all of the citizens of Bryant with honesty and integrity," Gladden wrote. "And he will work very hard to insure the highest quality of service to the citizens. He will be an asset to our city."

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  1. robert maxwell

    I am not surprised that Gladden endorsed Crow but I’m surprised that Chandler joined in the "mayor’s crusade" to elect a total "yes council". Those of us in Gladden’s ward have been regretting that he did not have an opponent this time. The big issue he cared about was the sign ordinance and when he should have recused himself, he did not. Regarding Henley, he has a lot of supporters because he is not afraid to ask questions. He goes around talking to residents and businesses about issues which is probably more than either Gladden or Chandler has done. You both should be ashamed at your joining in on the mayor’s crusade to get her dream council. The drama and lies came when she became mayor and you both are guilty of covering her butt all the time.

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