He’s all the ‘Buzz’

Buzz, aka Kyle Douglass, at work during a Hornets football game.By Diane Winiecki

Take a shy guy, and ask him to do the unthinkable, stand before thousands of people, dancing, jumping, yelling, entertaining in every way he can think of, and he would probably say “no way.” But, put him in a blue suit, blue tights, with bulging eyes, long antennas and a stinger of all stingers, along with the desire to be all he can be for his school, and he will become explosive.

Kyle Douglass is that guy; he is the Hornet mascot, ‘Buzz” at least until the end of this year, his senior year at Bryant High School.[more]Kyle Douglass

Tryouts were held last week for his replacement, in his voice you could hear the cheerlessness, after all Kyle has been the Hornet mascot for three years. When asked what the best part of the job is, his voice changed with enthusiasm, “The kids, they ask me for my autograph, want high fives and pictures, it’s a blast.”

And the worst part, he snickered, “smelling like a pig when you get out of the costume.”

The qualifications required to be the Hornet mascot are pretty simple, be yourself, the inner self that comes out and wants to be a different person than that shy guy you feel you are. Get excited, get people excited, and support your school, fans, and team.

Douglass said he loved being a role model to the kids and his community; he especially enjoyed doing the commercials with the Benton Panther promoting Saline County. He explained that Buzz is just as important as the player and the cheerleader, buts it depends on the person wearing the suit. They have to love being crazy, he said, just going all out, doing what it takes, having fun, always be in character, always. You have to be in the zone, the spirit zone, he added.

What’s next for you Douglass?

“I will be attending Henderson State where I hope to be a walk-on for their swim team,” he answered. “I am majoring in communications. I surrendered my life to Christ so I plan on taking Biblical studies at OBU as well. I just want to go where God wants me, grabbing the reigns and holding on.”

The new Hornet mascot for 2010-11 was decided, his name is Trevor Holloway.


  1. John Jobe

    From all that I’ve heard about you, directly and indirectly, and all that I’ve seen while at the games; you will be greatly missed.
    My two will graduate in 2011, but their junior year may have been their best and most rememberable year which part of that I believe is do in part to you and the spirit that you brought to the student body. Good luck in your future plans in communications and with the swim team.

    John Jobe
    Senior 1985

  2. Shawn Douglas

    Thank you Bryant Daily for doing this article on Kyle. He is a amazing kid that has had a amazing time being the mascot. He loves being BUZZ and will miss it.

    This article will help make his high school day something he can pass down to his kids. once again thank you fom his parents..

    Shawn and Angela Douglas

  3. Chicki George

    I know you have made your Mom, Dad and school proud just being Kyle, along with other family members whose lives you have touched. I am sure your school will miss your dedication to them as their mascot. I hope you excel in the communications field, and any other endeavor you choose when you graduate from high school this year. We wish you the very best of luck to you.

    Chicki & Tom

  4. Keith Mitchell


    I have enjoyed watching you many times in the BUZZ uniform. It was even better that I got an opportunity to know who the guy was inside the uniform also. It may help you to know that I have forgotten many kids that I went to high school with…but I do remember the guy who was our mascot…and that was over 30 years ago. I am sure people will remember you in the same way….best of luck…you will do great things…thanks for the memories.

    Keith Mitchell

  5. April Hollingsworth

    Kyle you are an inspiration, not only to kids, but to adults as well. Your passion for Christ is great and it motivates me to worship and experience God in awesome ways. Thank you for standing up for what you believe, even in a world where it’s not always popular!
    April Hollingsworth

  6. Ken Brunt

    Great article, great guy. Thanks for your youthful example of a Christian in today’s world. I pray for people like you every day that you will encourage the next generation to take a stand for Christ.

  7. Ashley Toler

    What a great article! Almost as great as the guy
    himself! Thank you, Kyle, for being such a great
    example for my kids and others, and for showing
    Bryant what it means to be a Christian!! Can’t wait
    to see what God is going to do through you!

  8. Joshua Marshall

    Kyle is an amazing young man! I have seen him reach out to so many people for the cause of Christ. He is the kind of person that gives me hope for the future leaders. Im excited to see what the future holds for him.

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