High school building, Hill Farm Elementary construction remains on schedule

By Jamie Miller

As the 2011-2012 school year wraps up for the Bryant District, all of the construction contractors[more] on the different projects throughout the district are working to stay on schedule for their August completion dates.

According to Richard Stipe, District Business Manager, the contractors on all four projects, Salem, Springhill and Hill Farm Elementary and the new high school building "have provided updated construction schedules and have reaffirmed their projections to have all four projects occupy-able and fully operational in time for school to begin in August on a normal schedule."

Several students were recognized from Bethel and Bryant Middle Schools for recently qualifying as academically talented Duke University Scholars. This was determined by the most recent standardized test scores.
Boys and Girls State delegates were also recognized for being selected to attend the American Auxiliary summer leadership and education program May 27- June 1.

Boys State attendees include Chance Griebel, Jake Knight, Cameron Stark, Mark Burbank, and Skylor Mkkissock. Girls State delegates include Ashton Eley, Mollie Robinson, Whitney Meyer, and Kristen Scarlett.

These students were chosen based on their moral character, scholastic standing, leadership abilities and overall interest in government and current events. At Boys and Girls State, the students will participate in projects and exercises centered around local, state and national government processes with peers from all around the state of Arkansas.

Eight students from the Bryant district will also be attending the Arkansas Governors School in designated subject areas that they were selected for. They are:

Ashton Eley, Language Arts; Jinson Kang, Math; Rachel Lyons, Choral Music; Whitney Meyer, Natural Science; Ashley Park, Instrumental Music; Bruce Roberts, Math; Emily Roberts, Language Arts; Lilah Sledge, Language Arts; Levi Brady, Natural Science Alternate; Harley Burks, Drama Alternate; and Hannah Rice, Social Science Alternate.

Some additional certified personnel positions were approved to accommodate the growth of the entire district's enrollment and to meet state guidelines. A Band Director at the high school, a Library Media Specialist and an Elementary P.E./ Asst. Football/Wrestling position were added.

The 2010 Census data recently reported that Bryant and the surrounding areas that make up the Bryant District have risen more than 10 percent in the minority population, therefore, the school board must reorganize to stay in accordance in Arkansas Law 6-13-631. The current School Board decided on a configuration of five zoned members and two at-large members board. Currently, there is a five-zone member board.

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