Hogue brings experience to run for Ward 3 position

By Martin Couch

Judy Hogue knows what it takes to be a member of the Bryant City Council.

She was on the city board for nearly eight years and, along with the help of volunteer policeman James Stearnes, created Bryant's 911 emergency call system which is still in place today.[more]

"We did a lot of research to get that in place for the city," Hogue said. "The end result was positive for everyone. The police department has the dispatchers it needs."

Hogue has the experience as a civil servant that has come with positive results.

"I enjoy city government," Hogue said. "I care about Bryant."

Hogue has been a resident of the city in Ward 3 for 31 years and has seen a wide range of issues and concerns.

"There have been flooding and drainage issues for a long time here and some people continue to build houses in those areas," she said. "I do my part to help the people in any way I can. This is considered old Bryant and we want positive growth in this area. There is an issue to have the roads widened, which is something I'd like to see happen and I will take both sides into consideration to find a good compromise. However it comes down to working with seven other people and the mayor for the good of the city."

Hogue believes that issues can be resolved in her Ward without them being brought to "the table" of the City Council.

"The city has come a long way," she said. "We have to make sure we have plenty of fire and police officials to maintain the safety of our neighborhoods."

Helping people has always been Hogue's main concern as a citizen of Ward 3.

"If I can't personally provide help, I can plug them into those who can help them," she said. "I try to do my best and I am comfortable with that. I want to represent the people of this area."

Hogue has also been a substitute teacher for 18 years at Bryant.

"The school and the city are growing and it's a big responsibility for everyone," she said. "You have to do the best you can and that's what I plan to do. We can all work together to resolve issues in a positive manner that is beneficial to the city and our ward."

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