Holloway announces run for City Council

By Martin Couch

Life-long Bryant resident Reece Holloway, 36, graduated from Bryant High School in 1993 and feels that it his duty as a citizen to run for the Bryant City Council.

Holloway and wife Sara have two children, Brylane (5) and Brecca Lynn (4). He will be a candidate for Ward 1, Position 2 against long-time alderman Danny Steele.[more]

"The current Council has been too 'good ole boy' system for years and it's time for a change in the city government for Bryant," Holloway said in an interview with BryantDaily.com. "The city of Bryant is a great place to live, call home and feel safe. The police department does an excellent job providing safety and protection to the citizens of this great city. The fire department, parks department, street and waste/water department are great departments.

"The city of Bryant should be proud to have an outstanding school in their city such as the Bryant School District," he continued. "The district has great teachers and employees."

Holloway says he'd like to see ordinances and resolutions read in full, not just be read title only and not passed on their first reading. He’d like to start having agenda meetings before the Council meetings.

"These are currently not done," he said. "I consider this to very unfair to citizens of Bryant. I feel I can make a difference in Bryant government by getting these started and more."

Holloway, who is a local videographer of Bryant City Council meetings and maintains his own website that includes Saline County news, added, "I am totally against any new taxes the city might ask for in the future and I will vote against any new tax proposals that cannot be justified and now is not the time to tax the citizens of Bryant."

Holloway referenced the Bryant tax base that is currently at nine percent.

"I am wanting to be your next alderman of Ward 1, Position 2," he said. "I will be transparent to the citizens of this great city and Ward 1. I will hold the other councilmen, mayor and the financial director accountable for their actions as I have done in the past."

Holloway's name will be on the ballot for the Nov. 2 elections this fall.

"Together, let's keep Bryant truly a great place to live and call home," he said.

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