Hornets battle Memphis school to scoreless tie

File photo by Rick Nation

By Chris Morgan

As the ball came over the top of the Bryant Hornets’ defensive wall, a Christian Brothers attacker snuck in behind and shot the ball, bouncing off the right-side post rolling out of bounds. That would be the best chance for the Purple Wave, from Memphis, the exhibition match would end in a 0-0 draw.

Prior to losing to the Catholic Rockets on Thursday, the Hornet’s knew that, in order to win against Christian Brothers, they would have to improve on past mistakes.

“We knew what we did wrong last night,” coach Richard Friday said. “Everything is good until we get to the final third, and that’s what we have to fix if we want to go compete at the next level.”

The Hornets gave up two free kicks in the first half both were easily handled, and cleared, by the Hornet defenders.

Bryant only allowed three Purple Wave shots in the first half, while taking only three themselves.

Though both teams had chances to score, Christian Brothers had many more free kicks after the Hornets’ committed 13 total fouls (six in the first half, seven in the second).

“It shows we competed,” Friday said. “It shows we competed for 50/50 balls. If you go compete, you’re going to foul.”

The second half kicked off with both teams desperate to create points.

Bryant struggled against the Christian Brothers’ defense in the second half, only picking up one shot in the entire half.

The Hornets were assisted by Purple Wave offside penalty however, as Christian Brothers gave up two in the second half after giving up none in the first.

The Wave strikers overwhelmed the Hornets midfield at times, creating shots on four separate drives in a 10-minute span.

The Hornets’ defense would allow seven shots, but only two were on target and saved.

Defense would prove to be the difference as the Purple Wave offence failed to convert any points and had to settle for a 0-0 draw.

“We have hit our goal as far as scoring goals, but we haven’t hit our goal as far as giving up goals,” Frida said. “Out of all these games [we have played], it’s the first clean sheet of the season. We have that part of the game down. Now we have to go work on the offensive side of it.”

The Hornets record now moves 4-2-3 as the Hornets look to take advantage of spring break to improve as a team. They’ll return to action on Tuesday, March 27, at home against Little Rock Central.

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