Hurricane Creek Elementary joins in annual Walk to School Day on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, students and staff at Hurricane Creek Elementary will be one of over 2,000 schools[more] across the country to participate in International Walk to School Day. The event was established to encourage students to get active while improving the environment.

As an LEED certified building [green school], Walk to School Day is important to Hurricane Creek Elementary because it promotes a greener environment by encouraging students to walk to school rather than riding in a car.

“The premise behind building this campus was to provide a community based school where students are within walking distance,” said Hurricane Creek principal Tammy Reitenger. “Many of our students do walk to school each day. We provide a crossing guard on Alcoa Road to help them get to school and home safely.”

Over 200 students are expected to participate, while teachers and administrators take stations at various locations through the neighborhood to ensure safety.

Students who live too far away to walk the entire way will meet together at designated locations [see map] and join the walk to class. Parent volunteers will provide a breakfast for students who have walked to school.

There will be two primary drop-off locations for parents. The first will be the corner of Sleepy Village Circle and Sleepy Village Road. Parents will enter Sleepy Village Circle and exit out Sleepy Village Road. The second station will be the intersection of Hazelwood and Shelby Drive. Parents will enter Heritage Farms Subdivision at the first entrance and exit by way of Evergreen Dr. (this will lead you out the 2nd entrance of Heritage Farms where you can either turn left on Boone and exit out the service road or right on Boone Rd. and exit onto Alcoa Rd.)

Students will begin the walk to school at 7:15 a.m.

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