Irilli joins Bryant Chamber of Commerce staff

By Martin Couch

Youngstown, Ohio native Suzanne Irilli has found a home in Bryant.

And Irilli will be getting to know her new hometown by working with Rae Ann Fields at the Bryant Chamber of Commerce.

"I am new to the Bryant area and I was looking for something that would involve me in the community," Irilli said. "This makes it easy to kind of slide in the door and get to know people in the area."

Irilli's daughter will be attending Bryant High School and her husband will be working in Benton after the family was transferred to Saline County from Ohio.

"Everybody has been so nice," she said. "People go out of their way to say hello and to stop and chat. Everybody has been very, very welcoming.[more]

"It's a small, close-knit community and I love to be in that kind of family environment," she added.

Irilli's working background includes her assistance at small high schools around the Youngstown area where she dealt with board management and committees.

"I have a very strong background in committees, in meetings organization and development as well as fundraisers and events planning," she said. "My organizational skills are far and beyond my biggest strength. I feel that being able to provide the organizational structure, things can flow freer. In addition, I am a people person and I'm not afraid to go out and try new things and meet new people."


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