Keep Bryant Beautiful campaign introduces spring cleanup

By Jennifer Joyner

The Keep Bryant Beautiful campaign will put their mission into action Saturday, March 17, when[more] they will host Spring Clean Up and Dumpster Day. The Spring Clean Up is a day where churches, schools, neighborhoods and volunteers will form groups and join forces to clean up the city. Community members who want to volunteer but do not know of a group to join may contact KBB at

On the same day, dumpsters will be placed throughout the city for the convenient disposal of materials. The location of the dumpsters and the acceptable items will be announced later.

KBB is also working with the high school art department and holding a contest to find a new logo. Anyone in the community can submit a design. The winner will receive $100 Visa gift card, in addition to the use of their logo by the campaign. Submissions can be made via email and must be turned in by April 1.

The street department is also holding a Spring Clean Up event, to allow for the disposal of yard waste. Small stacks of limbs and brush may be placed curbside for pick-up. Limbs must be 10 inches in diameter or smaller. Crews will not pick up trash, leaves or root wads, for they have no way to dispose of these items, according to the

Waste materials should be put out by 7 a.m. Monday of the week allotted for each ward. Spring Clean Up dates are March 5-9, for Ward I; March 12-16, for Ward II; March 19-23, for Ward III; and March 26-30, for Ward IV.

In other waste management news, recycle bins that were previously located next to city hall have been moved to South Neeley Street, across from the Saline County Sheriff's Office.

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