Lowes, Habitat for Humanity team up on Women Build program

By Martin Couch

Habitat for Humanity is now recruiting women volunteers to build houses for the underprivileged.

Women Build is a Habitat for Humanity International program that encourages women to make a difference by building homes and communities. Women Build provides an environment in which women can feel comfortable learning construction skills they might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn.[more]

"Our affiliate will nurture, recruit and train women to build and maintain decent, healthy and affordable homes," said director Marie Duke of Lowes.

A how-to class on basic construction will be held on Aug. 31 at Lowes and the actual Women Build will be Sept. 11, 13 and 17 from 8 a.m. to mid-afternoon.

"This year, Lowes has donated $20,000 to the Saline County Habitat for Humanity Women Only Build," Duke said. "These homes built are in partnership with the Vittitow family, the Habitat International Women Build Program, and Lowes."

"I worked for the first one in Saline County," said Bryant Chamber of Commerce executive director Rae Ann Fields. "I learned a lot. I learned what a sophit was, which is part of the siding up around the eave. I installed that and they taught me how to do it."

For more information and to participate, call Katy at 501-315-5434 or email HabitatSalineCounty@yahoo.com.

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