Magic Mile results (girls)

The Bryant Cross Country program took a break from the usual competition on Saturday,[more] June 22, and celebrated the classic mile run at the annual Magic Mile Festival held at the Bryant Stadium track.

Here are the results for the girls:

HS Girls Blue

Lauren Ackley-4th-6:21

Caitlyn Bell-DNR

Talyn Billins-3rd-5:50

Alanna Cordova-7th-6:43

Alyssa Cordova-6th-6:43

Marley Adams-5th-6:37

Melinda Murdock-2nd-5:46

Hannah Raney-1st-5:46

HS Girls White

Kielynn Lee-3rd-6:39

Katy Lynch-8th-7:18

Mackenzie McEntire-9th-7:41

Madison Morehead-10th-7:47

Haylee Campbell-6th-6:48

Kat Bolton-5th-6:47

Mikayla Douglas-7th-6:52

Samantha Macchi-1st-6:23

Randie Owens-4th-6:42

Kathleen Stalter-DNR

Shelby Woodall-DNR

Stephanie Cyz-2nd-6:28

Skylar Combs-DNR

Freshman Girls

Melissa Barrientos-5th-6:41

Alexis Baxter-12th-7:26

Keely Brown-10th-7:25

Kaylee Butler-8th-6:58

Grace Byars-14th-7:29

Abbigail Cave-13th-7:28

Sarah Cowell-1st-5:56

Anneliese Davis-19th-7:42

Hunter Delaney-6th-6:49

Jordan Duval-DNR

Monica Griffin-7th-6:52

Hannah Ignatiuk-16th-7:30

Hailey Levinson-2nd-6:06

Destinee Perry-9th-7:19

Frida Ruiz-11th-7:25

Carlie Sears-17th-7:31

Hannah Shelby-4th-6:17

Reagan Smith-3rd-6:15

Saxen Smith-15th-7:29

Lauren Smith-DNR

Valerie Topete-18th-7:32

8th Grade Girls

Rachel Chappel-11th-7:19

Anne Cockmon-DNR

Katherine Goins-12th-7:40

Avery Lorio-3rd-6:38

Abby Mead-13th-7:44

Haley Mills-DNR

Ashlie Sparks-7th-7:17

Hannah Sullivan-6th-7:16

Sidney Wilson-1st-6:01

Hadley Dickinson-2nd-6:26

Abby Ostrem-DNR

Rachel Curtis-4th-6:58

Jammie Hammers-5th-7:05

Kendall Fisher-10th-7:19

Sarah Sellers-9th-7:17

Kiara Jackson-DNR

Kyla Beal-8th-7:17

7th Grade Girls

Camryn Bolton-2nd-6:34

Carissa Colclasure-3rd-6:39

Amber Edwards-12th-7:44

Emilie Gallegos13th-7:47

Sara Gonzales-8th-7:23

Jessica Hall-14th-7:57

Flora Noble-7th-7:19

Brooklyn Trammell-10th-7:28

Taylor Wilson-6th-7:13

Jessica Butler-1st-6:08

Paige Adams-5th-6:59

Kaylin Watts-4th-6:55

Cloe Humphry-11th-7:33

Katelynn Blacklaw-9th-7:24

Tess Sullivan-16th-8:08

Lyndsay Moore-15th-8:00

Loren Burrows-DNR

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