New teaching positions okayed in anticipation of more growth

By Jamie Miller

Requests for additional certified staff were presented to the Bryant School Board Monday night[more] at its regularly-scheduled monthly meeting. Among them were requests for positions at Bryant High School, Bethel Middle School, Bryant Middle School and Bryant Elementary. English, Science, Math, History, Special Education, and a counselor position were approved by the board to be added to the District. The positions will be utilized if the student population requires them.

The District's counselors have been meeting monthly for discussions and writing curriculum. In the meetings, the counselors brought up the need for a student suicide threat protocol. In the protocol, the parent(s) of the suicidal student would be contacted by the District to seek psychiatric care. If the parent does not seek a follow up assessment, then the District will contact the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline in accordance with Arkansas law. Prior to the child returning to school or class, a meeting will be held with the parent(s), student and school personnel to determine whether the child is fit to return to school.

Salem Elementary was recognized at Monday’s meeting for being nominated for National Blue Ribbon distinction. The Board congratulated and commended the faculty, staff, students, and parents through a Board Resolution.

"Blue Ribbon distinction recognizes exemplary high performance measured by state assessments during five years of academic excellence," the Board Resolution stated. "The Bryant Board of Education wish to extend our utmost appreciation for the commitment to student achievement and success exhibited by Salem Elementary."

In addition, the Bryant varsity dance team was recognized for continuing its winning tradition by winning the regional dance competition for the ninth time.

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