Pace devours burrito first to win Moe’s contest; Bryant wins top cash prize too

Photos by Kevin Nagle

Bryant senior Michael Pace won the Moe's burrito eating contest Wednesday night over Bauxite's Matt Freline and Benton's Tyler Gwatney.[more]

Pace tore into his burrito, ate the inside contents first then the outside. Freline was second. All three participants had won contests at their respective high schools. Pace's reward is free burritos for a year at Moe's.

Bryant High School also won the top cash award of $1,000 for collected receipts at the restaurant. Benton earned $500 and Bauxite $250.

Tyler Gwatney, left, and Matt Freline.

The calm before the eating storm.
Michael Pace perpares to wash some down.
Bauxite's Matt Freline takes a bite. (Photo by Kevin Nagle)
Benton's Tyler Gwatney digs in. (Photo by Kevin Nagle)
One big bite

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