Parents of Davis students get a taste of their children’s day

By Jamie Miller

Davis Elementary School hosted “A Day in Kindergarten” on Tuesday, Dec. 7, for the parents of all of the kindergarten students to attend. Parents began the day in the student’s classroom and proceeded[more] to go throughout the entire day with their child through lunch. If the parent so desired, they could stay through the entire day as well.

“We are excited about this and believe it will be ‘illuminating’ for parents as what is mandated by Kindergarten standards today is much different than when their parents were in school,” Marrianne Cario, Davis Elementary Counselor said.

According to Cario, the day began by each student going through their morning routines and getting their area set up for the day. The students and parents then went on to experience the teaching of the literacy block which included, morning message, daily calendar review, shared reading, guided reading, small group assisted learning, and the students traveling to learning centers to work independently throughout the room.

The goal is for parents to experience, first hand, all of the teaching and learning that occurs within the span of just a few hours in kindergarten and for them to acquire strategies to be able to reinforce that learning at home.

“We are really excited about this opportunity to further the bond of teamwork between home and school,” Cario said. “The event was a huge success with parents marveling at how engaged students were as well as the amount of information, degree of difficulty and fast pace of standards in taught in the classrooms.” 

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