Parks and Recreation hosting softball, baseball, soccer

By Martin Couch

The softball fields in the Bryant Parks and Recreation are being used nearly every weekend this fall[more], according to Parks manager Derek Phillips.

"Softball had another great tournament a few weekends ago with 37 teams and we had to turn down 20," said committee member and Bryant softball president Casey McJunkin.

Also there are two more weeks of fall baseball left, according to Phillips.

Parks director Jeremy Lemons reported that he and Phillips have been working with McJunkin and the incoming president of the baseball association with the tournament schedule for the following year.

"Soccer also seems to be running smooth with about one more week left of their season," Lemons said.

Lemons noted that he and his staff have started on the budget for 2011. The general and operating financials are on track, according to the city finance director Gary Hollis.

"We have 667 members after two months of being open," Lemons added.

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