Player Profile: Blain Jackson

With the approach of the Babe Ruth Southwest Regional Tournament for 14-year-olds, offers a chance to get to know the players on the host team which recently captured a State championship.

Blain Jackson

Blain Jackson (Photo by Ron Boyd)

Date of birth: Sept. 20, 1994

Parents’ names: Cindy Jackson and Danny Jackson

Siblings’ names and ages: Zach Jackson, 11

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite spare time activity: Baseball

Favorite food: Whatever is on the table

Favorite music artist or group: Luke Bryan

Favorite movie: Wedding Crashers

Favorite TV Show: Rob and Big

Favorite pro baseball team: White Sox

Favorite pro baseball player: David Wright

Favorite thing about baseball: Hanging out with friends

Position: Catcher

What’s your approach at the plate? Base hit

What’s your approach in the field (or on the mound, if applicable)? Not to let a ball by me.

Individually, what about your game are you most confident about? Catching

What do you work hardest to improve? Batting

The Bryant All-Stars will win the Regional tournament because: We will work the hardest.

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