Player Profile: Cameron Price

With the approach of the Babe Ruth Southwest Regional Tournament for 14-year-olds, offers a chance to get to know the players on the host team which recently captured a State championship.

Cameron Price

Cameron Price (Photo by Ron Boyd)

Date of birth: Aug. 30, 1994

Parents’ names: Les and Lisa Price

Siblings’ names and ages: Jake Price, 11

Favorite subject in school: Science and Math

Favorite spare time activity: Being outside playing some kind of sport or activity

Favorite food: Bakes potatoes

Favorite music artist or group: N/A

Favorite movie: Role Models

Favorite TV Show: CSI and ESPN

Favorite pro baseball team: Mariners

Favorite pro baseball player: Ichiro Suzuki

Favorite thing about baseball: That not one person can win a ball game by themselves. It takes an entire team to win

Position: Outfield (right field)

What’s your approach at the plate? That it doesn’t matter who is on the mound, and that they can and will not get it by me

What’s your approach in the field (or on the mound, if applicable)? To catch anything at or around me

Individually, what about your game are you most confident about? Hard work. I try to work as hard as possible at everything I do, not only in baseball but life as well

What do you work hardest to improve? Accepting my mistakes and to learn from them

The Bryant All-Stars will win the Regional tournament because: One, because every person on the team has a specific role and has accepted that role, and executes it greatly. And, two, because we work as one (team) at all times.

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