Player profile: Ty Jackson

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Bryant 10-year-old All-Stars are headed to the Cal Ripken World Series in Winchester, Va., on Friday, Aug. 12. This is part of a series of profiles of the players on the team.

Ty Jackson

Name: Ty Jackson

Parents: Troy and Miranda Jackson

Sibling: Jacob Deen, 13

Favorite subject in school: PE

What do you like to do for fun? Besides play baseball, going camping and tubing at the lake

Favorite Food: BBQ Ribs

Favorite music artist or group: Jason Aldean[more]

Favorite movie: Jaws or Rambo

Favorite TV show: Ice Road Truckers

Favorite pro baseball team: Texas Rangers

Favorite pro baseball player: Ian Kinsler

Favorite thing about baseball: Challenging games

Position: Catcher and outfielder

As a baseball player, what do you do best? Try to learn as much as I can about the game.

What do you try hardest to improve on in practice? Just improving my game each time.

Why will the Bryant All-Stars win the World Series? Because we work as a team.

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