Police Officer of the Week: Corp. Lee Prickett

Corp. Lee Prickett

By Martin Couch

Lee Prickett began his career as a police officer in 2005 as a Stuttgart city officer.

For three years he worked with the Arkansas County organization before deciding to come back to Saline County where he was raised.

"It was time to come home," Prickett said. "I grew up around Benton and Bryant and graduated from Harmony Grove."

Prickett says that he's always wanted to serve the public as a police officer.

"It's always sparked an interest in me," he said. "There's something new happening every day. I like helping people. This job is very intense and it's constant."Prickett came to Bryant in 2007.[more]

"It's a community that is growing every day," he said. "It's awesome and I love to see it grow. As the community grows, we as a police department grow, too."

Prickett likes his role in the community and has seen several instances where he's glad to have chosen his career.

"There have been a few times we have gotten calls about people seeing somebody outside of their house — a dog or something like that — but there was a time a lady called in and there was actually someone trying to get in her house," he said. "I was one of the first ones there and was able to get him into custody. That was very rewarding for me personally."

Prickett, 29, is married to Lisa and they have four children, Tyler, Kaylie, Chase and Lexie.

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