Police urge awareness of car break-ins

By Martin Couch

Unfortunately, Bryant is not immune to crime.It seems that every year when school lets out for the summer, there is a rise in car break-ins, but Bryant Chief of Police Tony Coffman says this can be prevented.[more]

“If the public could secure their items, including money in the cup holders and other items of value and lock their vehicles, it would deter thieves,” he said. “Normally, they walk around with flashlights and they scan. Most of all, lock your doors, because most of these types of thefts occur because of unlocked vehicles.”

Locking doors to the vehicles at night and securing any valuables like cell phones, laptop computers and other items of worth by either bringing them inside the home or locking them in a safe and unseen place would help prevent such thefts.

“A lot of times a thief won’t break into a locked vehicle, because there are so many others that are unlocked,” Coffman said. “Alarms on the cars won’t work if they are unlocked and if the alarm is not set, it’s free game.”

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