Repeated mistakes on offense has Calley considering changes (amended)

By Rob Patrick

Bryant head football coach Paul Calley likes how his team's defense is developing in spring practice. "I think we're about where we need to be," he said after the team's contact work on Thursday, adding that some depth at linebacker still needs to develop. "We're not making a lot of mental mistakes on defense."

"The defense continued to make progress," agreed Hornets defensive coordinator Steve Griffith. "We spent the first half of practice focusing on the younger players, trying to get them some reps in both inside drill and team scrimmage. The younger guys were very excited to get into some scrimmage situations. Linebacker Kaden Mills and safety Jonathan Parks both had good days, very aggressive.[more]

"The second half of practice, the focus turned back to the varsity," Griffith added. "Both the first and second teams got work in inside drill and pass shell drill. We also scripted practice to get both groups involved in our scrimmage time. The linebackers and secondary continued to make progress. Many of them are at new positions. As they get more reps, you can see their comfort level improving and they are becoming more aggressive as they become more confident in their responsibilities."

Offensively, however, Calley was less than satisfied.

"Except for maybe four spots, everything's written in pencil on the depth chart," he stated. "You can't just assume, because you're big and strong, that you're going to be the guy that plays. We've got to have people that know what to do."

Calley had planned to work on special teams on Friday but after watching film of Thursday's work, there will be a film session and more practice.[more]

"We made some of the same mistakes yesterday that we made Tuesday and we're either going to get those corrected or we're going to have to start moving people around, trying to find the right fit," the coach said. "Offensively, right now, we're making too many mental mistakes. We're asking maybe too much of some people so we may have to move some around.

"It's in all areas," he related. "It's in the offensive line, at receiver, at running back. We're going to get their attention and, if we don't get their attention, then somebody's going to get their position. It's just that simple.

"We've done some good things," he added. "And everything can be corrected but we have to remember that we have to be coachable and we have to give effort every play. If that doesn't happen then there's going to be change. I want to see progress. I want to see that made a mistake working hard to correct it, not that's making the same mistake over and over again." 

The team was once again stuck inside the fieldhouse due to the soggy condition of the practice field and game field. 

"We're hoping we get to go outside for Monday but it looks like it's going to rain on Saturday all day," Calley said.

Spring workouts continue through Thursday, May 21. 

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